Welcome to the site, we are the Buddies!

In December 2015, we opened our first burger in the Magyar street, in a tiny, friendly and cozy place, and in December 2017, the second restaurant opened in Somogyi Béla street, 2 minutes from Blaha Lujza Square. This is a more spacious, slightly more elegant one, but we’ve been trying to keep that loose, friendly line that the other business also represents.

All of us are talking about burgers. We do not make pizza, gyros, soup, potatoes, steaks, china and india next to it. We’re just concentrating on burgers. We believe that our first priority is to work with the best quality, always fresh ingredients and that everyone can find products in our range that suits his or her taste. From month to month we try to figure out something new, something you can not find elsewhere. Sometimes we are going crazy a bit during the creative process, but we have always ended up with a good recipe 🙂

In addition to the quality of the food we strive to make everybody feel good themselves at us. There is no strain, no one looks bad at all, if you’re fully snotty after a good burger and even if you want to have a knife and fork for your dinner. The point is that everyone is happy.

That’s us in brief. If we have aroused your interest, come to us, make sure in person what we are representing.

The menu of Buddies Kálvin:



Magyar u. 52.



Budapest, Somogyi Béla utca 8.